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This is a list of forms used to conduct University Business.

Cost Recovery

Please Note: the Family Nutrition Program (FNP) often has their own versions of forms. We recommend that you check the FNP website under "Professionals Login" for the necessary form.

Extension Gift/Donation Form Template

Gift In-Kind Form

Invoice Template

Pesticide Applicator Training Fee Transfer Form - Use for Expense transfers for the PAT program only.

Program Activity Summary Worksheet

Program Budget Tool

Specialist Fee Transfers

Equipment Inventory

All Equipment Inventory forms should be returned to the Business Office for review instead of to the office listed on the form.

Application for Asset Retirement form

Agreement for Assignment of University Equipment Permission to Use Equipment Off-site Form - this form can go straight to OSUE HR.

Capital Equipment Interdepartmental Transfer Form

Equipment Disposal Request For Surplus

Equipment Sign out Record Template For tracking use of equipment that is not assigned to an individual.

Shared Data Connectivity Device Sign out Record For tracking use of mobile internet connectivity devices.

Non-Capital Equipment Disposal

Non-Capital Equipment Log Template

Personal Use of University Vehicle Form

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Financial Information

All purchases are now made through eRequest

AP Payment Compliance Form

County Appropriation Authorization Form

County Budget Template

Credit Card Processing Agreement Form


Deposit Transmittal Form

eReports Reconciliation Certification Form - Jul 2012

Expense/Revenue Transfer Form

Financial Systems Access Form

Fund Request Form

Fund Transfer Form

Local Checking Account Tools - Use these tools to handle refunds, making change and documenting other transactions. Each tool is on a separate tab within this spreadsheet.

Local Checking Account Reconciliation Form - All highlighted fields are required.

January Form

July Form

Purchasing Card Forms (Extension):

Purchasing Card Application Form

Purchasing Card Maintenance Form

CFAES PCard Tracking Log

Extension Purchasing Card Unit Approver Form

Extension Purchasing Card User Agreement Form

Extension Request for Overnight Check-out Form and Emergency Contact Card

Sales Tax Compliance Forms - Hotel/Motel tax forms, OSU W-9, State of Ohio Exemption Certificate and Monthly Sales Tax Reporting Form.

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Goods and Services

Business Office Order Form Safeguard materials and Non-Cap Equipment Tags.

Business Office Training Evaluation

CFAES Exception Request Form

Internal Payment Processing Form used to process payments from OSU departments (Example: Event Registrations)

USPS Non Profit Rate Application - to complete the application you will likely need the:

Federal Exemption Letter

Affiliation Letter


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Fiscal Volunteer Agreement Form

CFAES Release Time/Cost Share Form This form replaces the OSP Personnel Appointment Form.

Taxable Benefit Agreement Form,  Group Agreement Form See the Taxable Benefit Process for instructions on use of these forms.


Application for State Support for Professional Presentation

Driving vs. Flying - Comparison worksheet for planning and reporting

For January 2014 - December 2014 Mileage: Mileage Log 2014 - Multi page Mileage Log 2014 - OSP Log 2014 - OSP MultiPage 2014      

Pre-Travel Worksheet An optional form used to meet the pre-approval requirements for travel.

T# Request Form - Used to request a pre-trip T number

Travel Reimbursement Form - Use to request reimbursement for travel expenses.